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  • mp3Dr. Robert Malone and Former FBI Agent Chris Gonzales (Ep 1943)
    In this episode, I interview virologist and MRNA expert Dr. Robert Malone, one of the most preeminent medical professionals speaking truth to power about COVID and the vaccines. Additionally, I speak to former FBI agent Chris Gonzales about all that has gone wrong in the Bureau and his inspiring new... Read more »
  • mp3The Soros Biden Connection Exposed (Ep 1942)
    In this episode, I address the disturbing connections between liberal donor George Soros and the Obama/Biden machine.  News Picks: Burisma-connected oligarch who funded Zelensky's campaign, acting career raided by Ukrainian security forces. Hunter Biden admits infamous laptop is his in plea for probe. A deep dive into the George Soros... Read more »
  • mp3Joe Biden is a Foreign Agent, The Case Is Closed (Ep 1941)
    This recording of Joe Biden blows the doors off the Biden Inc. scandal, and it provides additional evidence that Biden is a foreign agent. Don’t miss this show. News Picks: A shocking piece about Biden Inc. and Ukrainian corruption. The Biden administration is doubling down on destroying local neighborhoods. Is... Read more »
  • mp3Is This The Connection Biden Is Hiding? (Ep 1940)
    Biden is panicking, and his team is desperately trying to hide from congressional investigators. In this episode, I address the key connection that could sink Biden and his corrupt team.  News Picks: 6 Reasons The NYT's Hit Job On John Durham Instantly Unravels. Pro-Life activist Mark Houck found NOT GUILTY... Read more »
  • mp3Meet The New Face Of The Deep State (Ep 1939)
    In this episode, I address the explosive new Twitter files drop that exposes the new face of the deep state.  News Picks: Pfizer Finally Responds to Bombshell Project Veritas Sting Gone Bad. Biden notebooks found in FBI search might have referenced classified information. The 600 influential Russian Twitter bots narrative... Read more »

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