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Alison Morrow

Former TV reporter. USMC vet’s wife. New mom. Horse & dog wrangler. Renovating an Airstream to live off grid(ish). Seeking truth not just what feels good.

Tracy Beanz

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Salty Cracker

Let's watch the crazy go down. Salty's YouTube Livesteams: Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday 5:30pm Pacific Time Salty's Dlive Livesteam: Monday 1:30pm Pacific Time

Lionel Nation

Word of the day: mendacity (noun) untruthfulness. Synonyms: fable, fabrication, fairy tale indefectible (adj.) not subject to failure or decay. Synonyms: flawless axiomatic (adj.) evident without proof or argument. Synonyms: self-evident. obvious. taken for granted. Connect with Lionel Subscribe to Lionel YouTube Channel – and make sure you check the bell to