“The problem with liberals is that so much that they know just isn’t so”
~ Ronald Reagan.

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  • mp3The Real Joe Biden Story isnt Pretty # 966
    In this episode I address the Joe Biden campaign announcement for President and the many scandals he’ll have to deal with. I also address the key question being left out... Read more »
  • mp3Is She Serious? # 965
    In this episode I address the troubling new revelations about Obama’s role in the Hillary email scandal. I also address the ridiculous comments by Hillary Clinton at a recent event.... Read more »

It’s like Kung Fu:

We take the opponent’s mass and we allow them to damage themselves.  They’re very prone to overreact – to using sledgehammers to kill flies.


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  • 300,000 Migrants Have Entered Mexico Bound for the US in 2019, Including From Africa, Asia
    About 300,000 migrants from around the globe entered Mexico with the intention of illegally crossing into the United States in the first three months of 2019, according to Mexican officials. The country’s Interior Secretary Olga Sánchez Cordero said at a press conference on April 23 that Mexico had seen an increase... Read more »
  • White House Faces Critical Battle Over Export-Import Bank
    WASHINGTON­—The Trump administration is pushing the Senate to revive the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im), labeling it “a national security weapon.” But some Republicans and advocacy groups backed by the Koch brothers oppose the bank, calling it “corporate welfare.” The federal export credit agency can’t authorize loans and guarantees above $10 million,... Read more »
  • High-Tax States Lost Residents to Low-Tax States in 2018
    States with the highest tax burden have generally lost residents in 2018, while states with the lowest tax burdens have gained residents. Of the 25 states with the highest taxes, 15 have lost residents in 2018; of the 25 with the lowest taxes, only five had a decline in population,... Read more »
  • Bernie Sanders Doubles Down on Felon Voting Proposal
    Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) doubled down on his controversial proposal that would allow convicted criminals the right to vote while in prison, during a “She the People” event in Houston on April 24. Sanders, who is vying for the Democratic 2020 presidential nomination, argued that allowing criminals to vote... Read more »


  • VideoThe Conservative’s Guide to Defeating The Swamp
    This is a guide and activism toolkit to help navigate the political war zone and defeat the swamp in 2020! The Democrats managed to flip seats in 2018 and the GOP is targeting those districts to retake the house. We are witnessing a dismantling of the deep state, and they... Read more »
  • VideoVideoAre Bill & Hillary Clinton Involved with Child Trafficking?
    The question on everyone’s mind – are Bill and Hillary Clinton connected to or involved with child sex trafficking or child labor trafficking networks – or, are they advocates for children as they portray themselves to be? Though, the focus is on both Bill and Hillary, this report will primarily... Read more »
  • VideoClintons Shipwrecked on Ten Islands Part IV: EXPOSED
    New information has come to light in regard to the Clintons and Branson’s affairs with the Caribbean Islands. Several more players have boarded this ship, including Bill Gates, The World Bank, Virgin Unite, Digicel, The Nature Conservancy, Tides, and numerous others. Generating millions in funds to erect small solar farms,... Read more »
  • Video12 HUGE Bombshells in One Week – But, “Nothing’s Happening?”
    Twelve HUGE, damning bombshells dropped this week, spinning this storm into high gear. From the Lisa Page transcripts to McCain’s connection to the dossier, a grand jury investigation into Facebook, massive NXIVM updates, Jeffrey Epstein back on the chopping block, and Andrew Weisman leaving special counsel. And, while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez... Read more »

    The Western Journal

  • Creating a Road to Impeachment: Mueller’s Investigation Was Political, Not Legal
    Special counsel Robert Mueller claims correctly that a traditional prosecution or declination decision is a binary choice — to prosecute or not to prosecute. Mueller was able to make a decision regarding collusion, so why couldn’t he make one regarding obstruction? He claims he couldn’t because the Office of Legal... Read more »
  • Shaun Hair Interviews Rep. Dan Crenshaw On Socialism and Immigration
    The post Shaun Hair Interviews Rep. Dan Crenshaw On Socialism and Immigration appeared first on The Western Journal.... Read more »
  • Schiff, Nadler and Mueller Have Reincarnated McCarthyism
    I was listening to a book recently, which covered Robert F. Kennedy’s metamorphosis from supporter to foe of the infamous McCarthy hearings during the “Red Scare” of the 1950s, and was struck by the striking parallels to the current targeting of President Donald Trump and his associates. Current House Democrats... Read more »
  • Joe Biden’s Campaign Logo Hit with an Avalanche of Criticism
    Former Vice President Joe Biden is receiving a lot of criticism for his campaign logo, with many saying it plays too much off of former President Barack Obama’s from 2008. Biden officially launched his long-anticipated 2020 presidential bid on Thursday with a video announcement, proclaiming he is entering the race... Read more »

    Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

  • Swamp Arrests Coming, Biden Runs for President, Economic Update
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 381 4.26.19) Rudy Giuliani says the Clintons “are America’s top crime family.” He said this shocking statement in response to Hillary Clinton saying that Trump would have been indicted if he were not President. This shocking statement was largely ignored by the mainstream media (MSM),... Read more »
  • Today Looks Like Just Before 2000 Dotcom Crash – Charles Hugh Smith
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Journalist and book author Charles Hugh Smith says the next market crash and recession will unfold like the bursting of the 2000 Dotcom bubble. Smith explains, “The bubble popped or deflated not for any crisis, but simply because there was too much debt, too much leverage,... Read more »
  • This is Bigger than Gold & Silver Manipulation – Chris Powell
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release) Chris Powell, Treasurer and Secretary of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), says price manipulation of all markets is a major problem the world faces. Powell explains, “This is an issue far bigger than gold and silver. Gold and silver are just minerals,... Read more »
  • Mueller Sour Grapes Report, Border Collapsing, Economic Confusion
    By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 380 4.19.19) The redacted report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller was released Thursday, and you might as well call it the “Sour Grapes We Didn’t Get Trump” report. There was no collusion and no obstruction but a lot of dirt throwing and whining by the... Read more »

    The Political Insider

  • CDC Confirms Largest Measles Outbreak Since Disease Was Declared Eliminated
    Evie Fordham on April 25, 2019 The U.S. is experiencing its largest measles outbreak since the disease was declared eliminated in 2000 after hitting 695 cases in 2019 alone, the Centers […] The post CDC Confirms Largest Measles Outbreak Since Disease Was Declared Eliminated appeared first on The Political Insider.... Read more »
  • IRS Grants The Satanic Temple Tax-Exempt Status
    Joshua Gill on April 25, 2019 The Satanic Temple announced Wednesday that the IRS granted it tax-exempt status as a religious nonprofit, claiming it as a victory against theistic organizations’ “exclusive […] The post IRS Grants The Satanic Temple Tax-Exempt Status appeared first on The Political Insider.... Read more »
  • Ocasio-Cortez Tries to Mock ‘Older Male GOP’ Member, Turns Out He’s a Democrat
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued her tenuous relationship with reality Thursday, taking a swipe at an “older male member” of the GOP for posing with a cardboard cutout of “young female legislators.” […] The post Ocasio-Cortez Tries to Mock ‘Older Male GOP’ Member, Turns Out He’s a Democrat appeared first on The... Read more »
  • Whoopi Goldberg: Yes Freed Terrorists Should Be Allowed to Vote
    Whoopi Goldberg sided with Bernie Sanders on the ‘terrorist voting rights’ platform, becoming the first member on ‘The View’ to vocally agree that they have that right. Meghan McCain, a […] The post Whoopi Goldberg: Yes Freed Terrorists Should Be Allowed to Vote appeared first on The Political Insider.... Read more »


  • CEO of carpooling service disinvited from interview on Russian state media after producer found out she was a woman
    Cardboard cutout of CEO Irina Reyder’s photograph in BlaBlaCar’s Russian office. Photo Irina Reyder’s Facebook page Irina Reyder, the CEO of the Russian affiliate of carpooling service BlaBlaCar, says she was disinvited from an interview with state-owned Channel One when the program’s editor realized she was a woman. Reyder wrote... Read more »
  • Case Studies in Collaborative Local Journalism
    Executive Summary In this report, we analyse the potential for collaborative journalism initiatives to address the challenges facing local news. Although collaboration has been examined in the context of national and international partnerships, often among larger news organisations, few studies investigate these efforts at the local level, particularly in Europe.... Read more »
  • Malaysian activist under police probe after LGBT speech at the United Nations
    Malaysian activist Numan Afifi spoke at the UN Human Rights Universal Periodic Review process about the human rights situation in Malaysia. Source: Facebook LGBT activist Numan Afifi was summoned by the Malaysian police a month after he delivered a statement at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Numan was part... Read more »
  • A look at United Arab Emirate’s renewable energy goals
    A parabolic trough which collects solar heat in Abu Dhabi called “Shams 1″. Image credit: Masdar via Flickr In January, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) published a report outlining the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) market trends and analysis on the renewable energy sector. The United Arab Emirates, the report... Read more »

    The Daily Sheeple

  • Biden senior adviser: We don’t need white men leading the Democratic Party
    Symone Sanders has signed on as a senior adviser to newly-declared 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, despite her 2016 claim that Democrats didn’t “need white people leading” the party. Sanders, 29, is a CNN political commentator and has worked with Priorities USA, the largest Democratic Party Super PAC. She... Read more »
  • “Mayor Pete” shows off lack of basic math skills at town hall meeting
    At a CNN Town Hall earlier this week, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg claimed that illegal immigrants subsidize citizens and legal residents because they pay taxes without reaping federal benefits. “I would be delighted to have more people,” Buttigieg said. “We only have 100,000... Read more »
  • Border agent: Just 6% of illegal aliens in one sector even claim asylum
    The prevailing narrative about our border is that the surge in illegal immigration is dominated by Central American family units who instantly assert a “credible fear” of persecution and are immediately processed as asylum seekers and released into our interior with the faint hope that they will show up to... Read more »
  • U.N. eroding U.S. sovereignty
    The United Nations is helping out the migrant caravans that are making a mockery of our immigration laws and asylum process, once again raising the question of why in the world the U.S. is still forking over millions of tax-payer dollars to the organization. According to research from the Immigration... Read more »